We are dedicated to serving our members. No matter what stage they are at in their breeding program, how many birds they own, or how many shows they attend. Each one of our members are important and we have sought ways we may be an advocate to all people of all ages who are interested in the Marans.


Paid Memberships have multiple benefits including: 

  • A Welcome Packet with gifts and an egg shade card.

  • The opportunity to be added to our public Breeders Directory.

  • A quarterly e-newsletter with breeding tips from some of our best and most successful members and judges. Newsletters also include Club news, member spotlights, upcoming events and past meet reports.  

  • Eligibility to receive Awards and Cash at shows.

  • 50% discount for egg entry submissions at meets

  • The opportunity to be a voice and vote in the clubs decisions - we are a club FOR our members. 

We actively attend shows all over the US and even parts of Canada. It is important to us to try to meet each of our members if possible. Shows are our opportunity to socialize with other members even if they do not bring birds. For many of us, its like a family reunion of best friends. There is usually some amazing food too. (You could seriously just join for Daveen Whitney's Cheese ball and Tarah Paynes cookies...but the "chicken chat" is really good too!) 

We hope you will join us and see your around!

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