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  • Hello. I am not a member of this page, just reader. But anyway, I would like to ask experienced people about correct time to get egges from the chickens. First time in my life I bought 5 pcs of Marans. They are already 25 weeks now, but still no eggs. Is it OK or probably I am doing some mistake? Thanks!
  • I would love experienced breeders to share on how to condition a bird for show. I’ve not had the opportunity to show yet, but I have high hopes that I will be able to this year. Conditioning for shows is imperative to being successful. If you put them in smaller pens alone, how do you keep them cool? I’m in Florida 100 degrees. Do you have them in a air controlled environment? I handle all of mine and they are gentle and easy to handle. Just don’t know how to get them in show condition. I know how to bathe them, but I know about housing, feed, supplements.....thank you for any information you are filling to share

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