The First Variety in both France and the US, Black Coppers put Marans on the map around the world. 

Black Copper

One of the oldest and most striking varieties, named after the female coloration resembling shades of wheat.


The 3rd variety approved into US Standard. They are full of promise for Exhibitors and breeders alike.


However many varieties of Marans exist around the World. The French Standard holds the record for the most accepted varieties with a total of 11 different colors of Marans. Black Copper, Blue Copper, Black Silver, Wheaten, White, Black, Black Tail Red, Light (Hermine), Golden Cuckoo, SIlver Cuckoo, and Golden Salmon - plus Bantams. 


The varieties not yet approved in the US are still present - widely varying in number from only a few breeders, to hundreds. Blue Copper being the most common as they are the pastel sister to the most popular approved variety - the Black Copper. 


Indeed there is a variety for everyone. They are all unique and beautiful in their own way. The best thing anyone can do is work with what they like the most, with passion. There is room in the hobby for approved and non approved varieties alike. 

There are currently only 3 accepted varieties of Marans in the US

Black Copper, Wheaten, and White. 

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