Legends of their own kind

There is not much to dislike about a Marans. They are normally very gentle tempered fowl. Easy on the eyes, hardy, good foragers, wonderful mothers. Their eggs are one of the most unique chicken eggs in the world. Varying in tones from brown, to rich chocolate, russet and all shades in between. Being a dual purpose fowl, they offer more than just eggs. Their tender white flesh is renowned by chefs around the world as one of the best tasting varieties of poultry. A testimony many of us can attribute to who have roasted one ourselves. They have been coined by the French  themselves “la poule de ferme rustique idéale”. The Ideal Rustic Farm Hen.  

They have come a long way from where they started.  Both when they began in France and in the States. A rougher hewn bird from the Marshy French Countryside. Nearly becoming extinct after WWII, it took many years to build their numbers and quality back up again. Becoming settled into the states with small numbers of unfortunately poor stock - their success today is much attributed to a handful of very dedicated and knowledgeable breeders who refused to give up on them. A labor of passion and love. 


Today a well bred Marans is a force to be reckoned with at shows. Something that was more or less laughable 10 years ago. In the recent years of  2018 and 2019, Marans have Championed in big ways that have never happened before in US History. Our own Skip Bittner took Reserve Champion Large Fowl in Knoxville Tennessee at our 2019 The Maran Club National. 

While poor stock still abounds, we believe the Marans are going places in the Poultry Fancy. For those that do not care to show, they have so much to offer your backyard flock, your hobby farm or homestead by just being the chickens they were designed to be. 


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